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Keep Home Network Safe

We all wants our home network protect form adult contain. YouTube also contain full of adult materials. So here I'm going to discuss about protecting our home from adult contain material. For this I'm going to use k9 web protection tool. Lets began the protection. Step 1. Free Download K9 web protection From here Step 2.  Choose "Get K9 Free for your Home" with your email address for free license. Step 3.  Install K9 web protection software. At the end it will ask for reboot, do it. Step 4.  After reboot open the "Blue coat K9 Web protection Admin" Step 5. Click Setup, it will ask for admin password, choose your admin password. (don't forget it, need it for future) Step 6. In my case I choose "Default" setting. This will block YouTube also. You can choose what you desire. These days YouTube also contain full of adult material, if you want to block YouTube leave default setting as is it or want to block social site

WINEon64Bit Kali Linux

When I install kali 1.0.5 amd64 then I realize WINE is not working at all, I tried to apt-get purge wine  and re-install it, but still there is no sign of wine . So here the process which make WINE worked under amd64 kali linux. This command works under other Linux as well. Please note their no WINE icon under Application>system. After following below setups you can see WINE configuration ICON and run windows program. root@kali:~# dpkg --add-architecture i386 root@kali:~# apt-get update root@kali:~# root@kali:~# apt-get install wine-bin:i386 ####output#### Need to get 77.6 MB of archives. After this operation, 233 MB of additional disk space will be used. Do you want to continue [Y/n]? yes ####output omitted##### Wait for packages to install. Now you can run windows program.

Remove Old Kernel packages Debian linux

Few days back I compile new kernel for kali linux to install driver. But that doesn't work and I have to remove new kernel packages. Here is command to remove old kernel packages form kali or any debian base linux root@kali:~# dpkg --purge linux-image-xxxx Remove xxxx with your image version, revision number

Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol

You may think why we may need RSTP. Go back my previous blog post where I wrote how STP work and its port state . Now we are going to talk about RSTP. Lets learn about it and you may know why we need it. Recall my previous theory, as we already know STP is created very long time ago and STP have below problem to converge the link. 1. Listening : 15s of listening for BPDUs. Switch sends/receives BPDUs on this state 2. Learning : 15s of Learning MAC Address, populate switch CAM table 3. Forwarding : Port is Forwarding Traffic 4. Blocking : Switch will wait up to 20s before moving a block port into listening phase, because this the time where switch wait if the primary link may came live. STP port state take minimum 30s to maximum 50s to link up. This is the port process which have to pass every switch when boots up or converge time. STP downtime is the biggest problem for todays Network. STP have problems but also we have solution ! Port Fast : Port fast disable Spanni

Kali linux Device not manage

Recently I upgrade Kali linux 1.0.4 to 1.0.5, all goes well but when I try to up eth0 it didn't up and show message "Device Not Manage". I did everything to get it up but no command avail to up it. like: root@kali:~#service networking restart root@kali:~#service networking start root@kali:~#ifconfig eth0 down root@kali:~#ifconfig eth0 up  Then after googling I found one solution root@kali:~# vi /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf Network manager will opened and you can see following line on that file. [main] plugins=ifupdown,keyfile [ifupdown] managed=false Now edit and change  false to true [main] plugins=ifupdown,keyfile [ifupdown] managed=true Now use this command to restart Network manager root@kali:~# service network-manager restart Then you can see your LAN is working.