Friday, December 27, 2013

How to create VPN/PPTP server on Mikrotik RouterOS.

Dear Blog reader today I'm going to setup VPN/PPTP server for Mikrotik RouterOS. Its very easy to set it up. Just follow below tutorial.

Logical Diagram for this tutorial.

Go the IP>Pool>
Give Pool for your VPN server IP address list. See below

 Step 2:
Now Click on PPP> Interface>PPTP server>
Now check Enable to enable the server

Step 3:
Go to profile>
Name:- Give name
Local Address:- choose what you name while creating POOL
Remote Address:- Same as Pool name
DNS:- Give free or given by your ISP

Step 4:
Click on Secrets>
Name:- This is a username to login to VPN server
Password:- Password for your username
Profile:- What you create previous in VPN profile.

Now your VPN server is ready to login. If your VPN profile need to internet access then add to NAT under firewall 
Go the firewall>NAT and add your IP address then masquerade VPN server IP address.

General>Chain>srcnat>src Address>>Out Interface>WAN1>action>masquerade


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  3. I agree. Did you also know by using a VPN Service your ISP wont even know what you are doing online. Find the best ones at

  4. Can you please draw a network diagram for this tutorial. Thank you!

  5. @ Reden
    Diagram has been updated. you can used hub and spoke vpn on this scenario.