Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Basic Configuration Mikrotik Router

Make sure you have download Winbox from mikrotik site and plug MT Router power adapter into the power socket. Open the winbox and login with username admin and blank password. After that follow up below process for Basic router configuration.

Setp 1: Click on IP>Address>click Plus sign. Then Add IP address like below.

Type WAN IP here(IP provide by your ISP) and choose WAN interface.
Step 2: Again click On plus sign and add LAN IP and choose LAN interface.
Step 3: Add DNS, Click on IP>DNS>type ISP provided DNS here(I use open DNS ).
Step 4: To add route, Click on IP>Routes>click Plus sign, Add Your ISP's gateway here.
Step 5: NAT, Click on IP>Firewall>Click on NAT> click on + sign.
Choose <srcnat> Out. interface<WAN port> Apply>OK
On Action tab, choose masquerade>Apply and OK.
Step 6: Setup DHCP, IP>DHCP server>DHCP Setup>
Now follow up onscreen process.


<On this field Choose Your ISP DNS server> 
Now your router is ready to use.


  1. .see more mikrotik router configuration example http://mikrotikroutersetup.blogspot.com

  2. Hello,
    There is requirement is to run the DATA & Internet on two computers at
    the same time via Mickrotik Router. Can you please confirm that is it possible on Microtik router?? Appreciate, if you can share step by step configuration for the same.
    LAN IP Pool (For Data) :
    IP Pool for Internet:
    WAN IP Pool:
    For Data connectivity we have already made GRE tunnel b/w branch & Head Office
    Tunnel Ip@ branch end router:
    Tunnel Ip@ HO router:
    Tunnel Destination:
    LAN IP Pool@HO:

  3. @Stylish
    Sir, There is a difficulty to understand your problem, sorry my native language isn't English. However, according your setting (if I understood right, what you gonna do) your need is to data & internet connection through Gre as well as data connectivity mustn't be b/w restriction. If so then you need to bypass local IP in your queue setting using mangle. If that so do reply I'll make another post for the same.