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Send email using Telnet

How to send email through Telnet. You can use it for troubleshoot purpose when sometime outgoing issue from the mail server. 1. First open the Command prompt. ctrl+r, now type "cmd". before that you have to enable telnet service from control panel>program and feautre>Turn windows features on or off> now choose telnet client 2. Now, connect with telnet command just type telnet 25 3. From the picture, you already enter into the server now use following command helo 4. type mail from username, see on screenshots mail from: 5. Type receiver ID here, see screenshot. rcpt to:, 6. To add message just use " data " command and type " subject " command. At the end don't forget to add "." to end the message and press enter. data subject: this is test email hello, This is jpudasai