Tuesday, April 21, 2015

show command juniper switch

Here are some useful command in day to day life while troubleshooting the juniper switch. 

1. show mac add of specific vlan
  root@jpudasaini#show ethernet-switching table vlan 608

2. compare configure before commit
  root@jpudasaini#show | compare

3. check mac add
  root@jpudasaini#show ethernet-switching table brief

4. show perticular Mac in Juniper
  root@jpudasaini#show ethernet-switching table | match d4ca.6dea.d420

5. show port description/status
  root@jpudasaini#show interfaces descriptions statistics

6. Show configuration in configuration mode
  root@jpudasaini#show configuration | display set

7. show correctness of the command before commit
  root@jpudasaini#commit check

8. Show Link Layer detection Protocol 
  root@jpudasaini#show protocols lldp 

9. Show vlan in configuration mode
root@jpudasaini#show vlans | display set


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