Wednesday, May 27, 2015

vSphere Client Displays Empty Inventory

Suddenly my home datacenter  vsphere lab show empty inventory in vSphere client. There was no any host at all. I have three ( Cisco IOU, CentOS 7, Ubuntu server) host configure for lab  purpose. So I must recover those host to complete my lab because I almost completed all labs.  Thus here is process how to retrieve those lost host from vSphere client in vSphere 6 database.

Step 1:
Login to the vSphere client choose your database from Configuration Tab > right click database and choose "Browse Dababase".

Step 2: Now next window open the database page. From here open your host folder then choose ".vmx" right click and choose "Add to inventory" then follow the onscreen instruction.

Next window 

Select the database

Next click to finish

Now your server is in the inventory list, you can run the server. In my case its my CentOS 7 server, it will run smoothly. 


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