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How to install WinPcap in windows 8?

I encounter a problem installing WinPcap in windows 8 when I try to install GNS3. So I search and found the resolution for that.  Make sure You download WinPcap. Go the folder and right click the WinPcap_x.x.exe file then go the properties, on properties window click on Capabilities tab, now check on "run this program in compatibility mode for:" choose windows 7 from drop down menu. See the picture below. click on red circle to install the WinPcap. While installing WinPcap if error message occurred  " Error: "An error occurred while installing the Microsoft Network Monitor Driver  (NetMon) (0x800F0203). You will be able to use WinPcap on standard network adapters, but not on Dialup connections and VPNs. Please contact  the WinPcap team."   download Microsoft Network Monitor tools, from Microsoft site and install. Now you can easily install the and run the tool.

Fixed windows 7 MBR

This command saved my time. Its a life saver sometime. Boot with Windows 7 DVD/USB. When you see the Install Now , Look at the bottom of the page, you can see  REPAIR YOUR COMPUTER , just click it. Windows will try to repair it self, That would be START RECOVERY OPTION. That couldn't fixed it. It would show you other option like SYSTEM IMAGE RECOVERY, just cancel it. Then you can see SYSTEM RECOVERY OPTION, just select COMMAND PROPMT on just enter this command. bootrec.exe /FixMbr >>>This will show you successful Message, you would Please to see that. If that couldn't fixed the problem. There is another command.  bootrec.exe /FixBoot >>> Reboot your PC >> Now you are happy to see your old DESKTOP, Do you ever wounder why hiberfile.sys file exist?  If so then don't be, hiberfile is exist when you hibernate your PC to boot fast. This is a snap shot of your current running apps, and write that all information into your hard disk.


Running Chrome as root @ BackTrack 5 R3 1.  Open console: vi /usr/bin/google-chrome 2. Go to the last line and add " exec -a " --user-data-dir " : then after your line look like this exec -a "$0" "$HERE/chrome" "$@" --user-data-dir 3. save ":wq!"

Setup Hotspot In Mikrotik Router

How to setup Hotspot in MT router Lets began with Winbox Mikrotik login tool.  Now You logged into the router, Then click on Address to add IP address   Type the IP address like below   IP has bee setup. Now click On IP>Routes to add route. Most of the time your router already set default routes, you don't have to do anything, encase of you don't see in route then follow the this step.    Its time for DNS setting. Click On IP got to DNS then Click on Setting tab. Here you can type your DNS provided by you ISP. For NAT. Click on IP>firewall>NAT>Plus sign, a NAT window open, see below Then click on Acton tab and select masquerade. Its time to setup hotspot, here are picture which show you how to setup hotspot. Add user and user log on window.  User log in.