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Powerpoint Problem on Linux

I like Some features of Microsoft office, so I install office 2007 into kali linux. Everything work perfect but when I try to run power-point, it never run. Then I search for fixed and found one solution. This trick has been posted in ubuntuforum and works perfect to me. Step 1. Got the Application>System tool>Wine configuration Setp 2. Under Library tab Add these two overrides "riched20" and "usp10". Setp 3. Apply and ok. Now you can run the power-point with out error.

Install MS office Kali Linux

Dear reader, you may think Why I install MS office rather than LibreOffice because I really like some feature on MS Office. Lets start to install MS office in Kali Linux or any other linux distro. For this I'm going to use wine.  In this blog post I install MS Office under kali linux, kali linux have wine installed by default. If you are going to install MS Office other than Kali Linux you may have to install WINE first.  Insert your MS Office disk into DVD drive or mount your image under any linux. After that just open setup.exe with wine.  Now your setup is began. Then you can type your product key. Chose your installation option.  Finally you got install MS Office under linux distro. Enjoy !